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Binningerstrasse 14, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

🛍 Fleisch, Italienisch, Wein, Fisch, Pasta

4.2 💬1770 Bewertungen

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Willkommen bei Acqua auf Binningerstrasse 14, 4051 Basel, Switzerland, einem kulinarischen Juwel, der sich einer 3.9 Bewertung rühmen kann. Unsere vielfältige Speisekarte garantiert ein Abenteuer für deine Geschmacksnerven, wie unsere 1453 Bewertungen zeigen. Hier ist jede Mahlzeit ein denkwürdiges Erlebnis.



Haleigh Hackett
Haleigh Hackett

Wer das Essen der Nonna vermisst hier bestellen! Wirklich toll, dazu plastikfrei verpackt. Kann ich nur empfehlen!

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Hast du Fragen? Ruf einfach an unter +41615646666 Bestelle jetzt dein Mittags- oder Abendessen bei Acqua einfach online! Egal ob für eine Firmenfeier oder deinen Geburtstag. Garantiert frisch zubereitet und geliefert vom Lieferservice von Acqua aus Basel.


Maverick Kilback
Maverick Kilback

a restaurant to go to dinner and then stay for drinks, with a great atmosphere especially if you go at the Clock fair. If you're going to dinner go early, you can't get the dessert of the number of people that are there for drinks later.

Prof. Barton Pfeffer
Prof. Barton Pfeffer

the reception was very warm. the versatile card is not huge, but offers a good selection of different meat and fish dishes that can be ordered individually or combined in the menu. everything was fresh and well tasted. I felt the price/performance ratio was very good. the location is not everyday and very cozy both inside and out. a highly recommended restaurant.

Sally Senger DDS
Sally Senger DDS

the location is very nice and invites you to stay. the offer of food and drinks is very good. a great place for a couple night.

Miss Thora Reichel II
Miss Thora Reichel II

actually the ambiente would be quite ok. not exactly comfortable, but cool and with nice weather an alternative if you like this style. Unfortunately, the prices are totally overcrowded. for a mojito or caipirinha you pay 15 francs, and that without extra charge, e.g. dj, lounge music, small snacks or a dish with nuts. pity, we would like to go there more often on a beautiful summer evening, but we are not willing to pay such prices.

Eula Crona
Eula Crona

my rating is a bit arbitrary I recognize it in that I reward above all the quality of the environment and decor: it is one of the most beautiful bar-restaurant I know! We would expect such a place rather in New York, London or Amsterdam. The decor is therefore very successful, in an environment at the very unusual industrial base. The shock and aesthetic pleasure are at the top in this beautiful place. Then the Italian food is quite correct, the service too.Agreed terrace-garden quiet for the summer.To see absolutely.

Rigoberto Boyer Sr.
Rigoberto Boyer Sr.

first the pimms instead of with goer with swedes tonic. then the appetizers come very fast. Oh, I think. after 2-3 minutes you get the teller.Why for the table next to anbuffala has never seen a buffalo...but a mozzarella normal cock. mains comes 2 hours after the order. Unfortunately, one could forget an order...the round of good 10-15 people ordered a grappa. not the could donate the espresso or?Nix of it....130 franken my damen and men we left per person...I write otherwise hardly reviews but as basler or italian one would be ashamed of...resp I nerved.

Dr. Trevor Jacobs
Dr. Trevor Jacobs

the acqua looks really great, from inside and out!We put ourselves in the entrance area in the lounge and waited until someone came. After 5 minutes I got myself a drink card and after another 10 minutes, one of the two waiters came to us who were always around us. it wasn't much going on at the moment and we wanted to have a drink. "the lounge is tonight exclusiw" not a problem for me if this is already announced in advance or at least stands somewhere, but unfortunately failing. hesitantly came the offer that he would take up our order and we could sit on it out. on the terrace we waited again 10 minutes, and many tables were filled with dirty scurry and the waiters were no longer visible. to pay for the cash again long wait. I don't hope it's going to happen in the a la carte business. I was just at the wrong moment at the wrong place, too.

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