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Oberer Graben 2, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland

🛍 Kaffee, Frühstück, Kaffee, Vegetarier, Burger

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Willkommen bei Seeger, einem kulinarischen Hafen in Oberer Graben 2, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland. Wir bieten eine Mischung aus altehrwürdigen Rezepten und modernen Neuheiten. Unsere Speisekarte ist voll von köstlichen Gerichten, die die unterschiedlichsten Geschmäcker ansprechen. Iss mit uns zu Abend und erlebe ein unvergessliches Erlebnis.



Alexzander Jenkins
Alexzander Jenkins

as I have eaten the burger in combination with dan’s pommes frites (with truffle oil and parmesan, absolutely brilliant!), my assessment also refers only to this food.Who is looking for something more special (craft) to a more than average good burger, is well-received by the sea. the prices are slightly over the Swiss average, but still in order.

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Hast du Fragen? Ruf einfach an unter +41712229790 Bestelle jetzt dein Mittags- oder Abendessen bei Seeger einfach online! Egal ob für eine Firmenfeier oder deinen Geburtstag. Garantiert frisch zubereitet und geliefert vom Lieferservice von Seeger aus St. Gallen.


Miss Greta Bernier
Miss Greta Bernier

We visited the place with a small group of 8 people. The Service was excellent! We even had a quick talk with the owner who helped with the order and made us feel very welcome. The location offers everything, from a spacious smoker to a wonderful sunny terrace. I would recommend to everyone who visits St.Gallen

Hassie Donnelly IV
Hassie Donnelly IV

in this historic place, not far from the station, active since 1939, you can taste the tradition. the furniture is classic and full of history. the Sunday menu is very small, but pleasant. we tried burgers (optim) with pommes frittes (excellent) a Salesian housewife (perfect) and a good dessert (chocolate cake.) prices are high (120 chf) and included water, two glasses of Italian red, the, correct coffee. However a nice relaxing and quiet place, friendly and fast staff.

Juliana Batz
Juliana Batz

were there on a Sunday to the breakfast, as it was an early day, we sat on the terrace. the man next to us said we should probably get in better, he'll wait 10min for the service. we then ordered two coffee inside and the card. we waited 10min until the coffee came. the man next to us was understandably already quite mad. the waiting period for the breakfast was then also too long, especially since you had to cook nothing (brot, müsli, Juice.) the brot was of good quality, as butter, jam, nutella, everything. the birchermüsli, however, rather "beetle-like", the fresh fruits were missing completely. the service then didn't even get out. to pay, we called them back inside.

Ida Buckridge
Ida Buckridge

a few months ago I was the first time on a Saturday afternoon in the seer. because the large crowd still moved on the streets, it had enough space in the seagoer and we could widen in a cozy corner. also the second time on a Sunday afternoon we had no problem. the interior is designed in my opinion very cozy and warm. I could imagine sitting there all afternoon and enjoy some coffee or drinks. the service was very friendly and always quickly brought the desired drinks. for a cozy time with a good drink the seagoer is highly recommended.

Norwood Hansen
Norwood Hansen

we enjoyed our team Christmas dinner in the sea. eating, service and ambiance were very good. I liked the different corners in the sea. be it for eating a nice table, for a drink the bar or for a kuchenschwatz a couch place, there is everything. Depending on the daytime, a reservation is strongly recommended for eating. for non-resident is also the location approx. 6 feet from the station perfect.

Dr. Lorenz Wisoky DDS
Dr. Lorenz Wisoky DDS

we came to third at 13.00 to the restaurant and wanted to eat. the host received and placed us at the same time. we wanted clubsandwich and tatar eat but there is only this on the map from 17.30. demand at the service is not available on the afternoon. the menu concept is a pure chaos. you can have all food at any time but no one knows when exactly. pity, a restaurant concept without hands and feet. we asked the service personnel if you can have truffled pommes instead of normal pommes. this was chased after demand in the kitchen. but then we wanted to have a corden bleu instead of pommes with truffle pommes. this did not go, only a single portion we received. the flexibility gave the waitress the reason that the cook had already left in 13.00, great impression when eating without a cook in the kitchen. the workers have the feeling that the guests are disturbing, such an incomparable. pity! Maybe you should think about the concept here!

Yazmin Zemlak
Yazmin Zemlak

I was there yesterday with a friend, it was very full, but we found a seat. service very friendly, and cocktail tasty.Breakfast to loud music :-) but that's what you can do. all in a very good!

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