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Pizzeria Riva auf der Summerstage

Roßauer Lände, 1090 Wien, KG Alsergrund, Austria

🛍 Pizza, Kaffee, Italienisch, Kaffee, Getränke

4.5 💬3470 Bewertungen

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Auf Roßauer Lände, 1090 Wien, KG Alsergrund, Austria bietet Pizzeria Riva auf der Summerstage ein unvergleichliches Essenserlebnis. Unsere 4.5 und 3469 Bewertungen sind ein Beweis für die leckere Reise, die dich in unserer Speisekarte erwartet.



Zechariah Fay III
Zechariah Fay III

friendly and professional staff, the dressing of pizza and mozzarella were fresh but pizza in general was a bit gummy, maybe someone likes it so but for me there is definitely better.

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Efrain Beahan
Efrain Beahan

Food is good, wines are not great, service is terrible. Slow, erratic, and unprofessional. Will be trying other places from now on.

Thurman Lindgren
Thurman Lindgren

the many reviews of Italians on this pizzeria should not leave doubts, and moreover convinced me to go to eat pizza abroad several times, which I would normally avoid. pizzaioli are Italian, very skillful, quality ingredients and the choice of large pizzas and not too imaginative, to the German I mean (no pizza with pineapple, for the joy of gordon ramsey.) prices perfectly in line with our habits. central but quiet area, easily reachable. In general, a pizzeria better than most of those I find in the north-east of Italy, where I live.

Nannie Considine PhD
Nannie Considine PhD

we were in the pizza riva for the first time. the local has a restaurant garden that is on the walk and right next to the tram. Nevertheless, we found it very comfortable to sit in the open. as an appetizer we took an antipasti teller who was really very good. especially the buffalo mozarella did it to us! after that we had a pizza. the pizzas come from the stone oven and are made after the art neapels - so a rather soft bottom. the pizzas were very well occupied, the ingredients very fresh and really delicious. the personal was friendly and attentive. for my man there was an Italian bottle beer... all in all a successful evening! we like to come back.

Rosendo Leannon
Rosendo Leannon

This review is about Riva's seasonal branch at Summerstage, I cannot comment on their original, permanent restaurant. I had heard several people rave about the pizza and did find it good, but soggier than expected and than what you would find in authentic places in Italy. It was also a bit too cremated for my liking. I had the Capricciosa, which was a generous size and manageable for me (personally, I actually prefer if pizzas are not supersized since I don't like to eat pizza cold or reheated and don't like to let food go to waste.) Service was friendly and our orders arrived pretty quickly. All in all, a good dining experience, but definitely not the best pizza I have had in Vienna (I prefer the one at Regina Margerita, for example.) Will be back for sure as I like the laid-back Summerstage vibe.

Candida Anderson
Candida Anderson

beforehand - my man and I like the pizza on Roman art so very thin, crispy floor and little to no edge. that the pizzas are made here by art neapels, we knew we wanted to try it anyway. the personal has received us kindly, has taken up a few minutes later the order and shortly afterwards the pizzas were already on the table. the gastronomic garden is very net and shaded, even if the crossing is not necessarily an exciting scene. a quieter corner.It tasted good. the ply was fresh and plentiful and the pizza had exactly the right size, more would I have done no more.However, the elastic teig is not my ding - who likes that, he is safe here. Moreover, it was not possible to cut the dough properly with the measurable, so the whole thing became a rather galactic matter. what has disturbed me - we have been eating good 20 minutes to drink our drinks. throughout the time, no one has asked us about a dessert or coffee. so we have walked into the city and have enjoyed an egg there. we could have done in the local area, but it has simply not taken care of whether we might want something else. I don't like to have waiter herwinken and expect me a little more initiative.Everything in all, it really tasted us good. I don't know if I'm coming back. I wouldn't refuse, but elsewhere, the pizzas just taste a little better.

Ramon Green DVM
Ramon Green DVM

Great atmosphere and amazing pizzas - some of the best we've had! Worth having a reservation, particularly if you go in a large group.

Kris Wolf
Kris Wolf

the positive - the service was contrary to some reviews in order, friendly and also competent. also the reservation has worked impeccably.Nextly, however, to eat. we have only tried the pizzas, since this was so praised locally and unfortunately our expectations have not been met here. the taste was basically in order, even the coat was juicy, but the teig for us was rather strange, almost like an American pizza. he was as it should be, namely elastic, but at the edge too soft, without being a bit crispy. he also seemed to have been completely baked. a look at the side table showed us that this was obviously also the case with the other guests. for us a pizza, as we used to taste it from south Italy, has different tastes. unfortunately a disappointment.

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